It is a strange sort of pain "to die of yearning for something you'll never experience"

Thursday, February 26, 2004

حتی اگه موقع پختن خورشت بامیهmuse گوش بدی
و موقع خرد کردن لیمو عمانی بالا پائین بپری و جیغ بزنی:
I won't let you bury it
بازم من دوست دارم.
من پارسالم دوست داشتم.وقتی که توی اتاقی که سقف بلندی داشت نشسته بودی و پوستت گرم بود و چشمات نمناک.
muse گوش می دادی و وول می خوردی...و همش یه دنیا دست توی دلت به دیوارا چنگ می زدن.
من اونموقع هم دوست داشتم..کودک ِ من..
ببخش مرا اگر باید چیزهایی را می گفتم اما نگفتم.
من دوست می دارم تو را ای "من".
با گیسوان بیقرار و با چشمان نمناکت.

Maybe I'm narcissus
But if it's like this
Let it be

Thursday, February 19, 2004

دختری را که چشمانش را زیر لایه های افسرده موهایش پنهان کرده دوست ندارم.
دوست ندارم.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Maybe I'm sick
But don't make me feel like a prick
Don't think me weak
It's not a trick
Nor it's a fake
Don't break
Make me shake
Don't freak out
When I say it a lot
And out loud

Monday, February 09, 2004

Well I guess he was there, sitting,
His hands down his pants wondering,
How "my" sex-life would be?
If I let him see.
He said I like your way of blogging; unapologetically poetic
Pretty much like he meant erotic.

Spying around
Drinking diet coke and chewing bubble gum
To avoid the nicotine
He was wondering what they do to get laid in Philippine
As he was staring at his ceiling
With the spots and feeling
Quit empty.

Masturbating 6 times a day
He was so tired to even feel gay
About his body-building coach;
Who was trying to approach.

Cold water down the toilet
Mom and dad are doing a sarcastic duet
Shall I rejoin the club?
Or am I still a snob?

Mom's yelling,
Man on the radio telling:
Regular Iranian breakfast
Just keeps getting vast
No protein
No vitamin

His dad shoving a "sangak" slice in his mouth
Licking his fingers like a mouse,
Asks with such enthusiasm
Like being the same shit as him

What's with the mustache?
How old are you?

Back to his room
He finds the spots in bloom

Mom's wondering what to cook?
Is there any other way to look?
Do you have a hook?

Sunday, February 08, 2004

و سرور گیسوان خیس و پیچ در پیچ من بود...